Assalamualaikum wbt.

Semester 3 subjects consist of module 8 ( Infection & Immunity), module 9 (Nervous System) and module 10 (Clinical Skills).

The credits hours are as below:
Module 8 - 5
Module 9 - 7Module 10 - 2

Every year we have one module carrying the biggest credit hour. For the first year: Module 3 (Introduction to Medical Science), GIT for third year and as we can see above, CNS carried the most credit hour this year. This is maybe the most relevant reason for these modules being dubbed as the 'killer subject' every year.

Now we will have a closer look on how our batch performed on each subject. Please be reminded that these results does not include the International Egyptians.

M8 marks
M8 grades
M8 chart
63% or almost 2/3 of our batch scored around grade B (B+, B and B-). Only a minority of 11%  or 31 students succesfully achieved at least A- and above. 2 students have failed this module with marks between 40-49 (grade F). 


M9 marks

M9 grades
M9 chart (broken bell shaped)

Module 9 has almost the same pattern as the standard deviation (defected bell shaped) with the highest number of students are among those with B- (49), followed by B and C+. 36 students or 13% got A- or A. On the other hand, 16 students obtain D or F for this module.

M10  marks

M10 grade

M10 chart

48% of the students secured B or below. The rest is history.


Alhamdulillah, there are vast and major improvement among our SM batch compared to the previous batch for this semester. For module 8, only 2 students failed compared to 21 last year. Our success rate is also higher:
(This year: 99.24% ,Last year: 93.23%)
Same goes to module 9. The number of students who failed this subject plunged greatly, from 62 to 16 this semester. Success rate also increases from 80.00% to 93.94%. How about the students excelled this module? 36 students obtained A- and above compared to only 4 the previous year. Very awesome-lah I can say.

Congratulations to all for putting such a high effort in achieving Zero Repeaters. Although we did not managed to fulfill our motto, may Allah reward us all for the hardwork and ibadah we do, Ameen.

Zero Repeaters this semester? InshaAllah =)

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