1st Year Batch Presents...

It's coming...soon.

            Date     : June 21st, 2012
            Venue  : Taj Mahal Restaurant

Insya-Allah, we will be holding this event to commemorate our triumphs during our first year as medical students. Let's strengthen our bonds, share the feeling of success, and give appreciation to those who had been contributing to our community... This night will be a moment of treasure, more valuable as the time passes, as the sand of time drops, as the seasons changing. Let's be a part of it...   Will You?

  • All Malaysians and Egyptians in the International Program are invited.
  • Those who are interested, register your name with your SRs... You know who they are, right?
  • Participation is compulsory to MARA students and YOU are greatly invited.
  • Pay for Your seat and what You eat only, plus LE 3... That makes it LE95... true story!
  • Not participating?... Don't mind that You'll regret afterwards... Trust me, I'm a Doctor.
  • Further information will be updated... 

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