Emergency First Aid Course for Malaysians

This is regarding the "Emergency 1st aid course specialized for Malysians" which is gonna be held in Alexandria University.

Organizer : International Center for Cultural Services
Address : 8 el ghorfaa el togareyah street ,org morad el togary ,giza (floor 12,office 11)

At the end of the course the student will be able to :

1. Make CPR

2. Deal with most common emergencies like ( poisonong - health hazards like snakestings and scrpion stings,sun stroke,burning,bleeding,electric shock )

3. Give all types of injections and make cannulation and measure vital signs

4. Do stitches

5. Make afracture cast and bandage

The topics included in the course:

1) CPR : ( 2 and half hours lecture ) details :

-Illustration about how to deal with emergency case
-Personal characters of first aider
-Illustration to hoe to do CPR
** practical : each student will practice CPR indvidually on a human model

2) Selective emergencies : ( 2 and half hours lecture ) details :

-include diffrent types of the most common emergencies that may face us in life like ( poisonong - health hazards like snake stings and scrpion stings - sun stroke - burning - bleeding -electric shock )
** no practical in this lecture

3) Injections,cannulation and vital signs ( 2 and half hours lecture ) details :
-Illustration to all types of injections ( intra musclar -intra venous - intra dermal )
-Illustration on how to measure vital signs
* doctor will explain on volunteers who to make acannula
* practical : students will be divided in very small groups and doctor will make cannula in front of each group
all students will practice other types of injections on models

4) Stitches : ( 3 hours lecture ) details :

 -Illustration to types of stitches - threads - and how to do stitches on data show
*practical : students will be divided in very small groups then the doctor will explain practically on models
types of stitches then every group will have amodel to practice on it

5) Fracture : ( 2 and half hour lecture ) details :
*Illustration on how to deal with fracture emergency
*Practical doctor will show all students who to make bands and casts on a volunteer

Course is fully supplied with equipments the students will need for practical like :

1- For CPR a human model to practice CPR on it.
2- Injections equipments for ( IM - IV - intradermal ) plastic ball models for ( IM and Intra dermal ) human arm model for cannulation and intravenous injection
3 - Stethoscope and Sphygmomanometer for measuring vital signs
4- All stitches equipments like : leather models to stitche on and needle holders and needles and stitching threads
5- For fractures we supply bandages and casts time lines suggested for the course

The course will be for 4 Fridays.So it will be going for four weeks:

Starting by first friday in April ( 6 / 4 / 2012 )- 2 lectures
Friday ( 13 / 4 / 2012 ) – 1 lecture
Friday ( 20 / 4 /2012 ) – 1 lecture
Friday ( 27 / 4 / 2012 ) – 1 lecture

For registeration we need these items from each student :

1 . full name of the student
2 . phone number
3. 150 L.E ( cost of the course )
4 . copy of the passport
5. copy of the carnet of the college
6. two personal photos ( small photos like those of the passport )

This is the link for the event of the course : http://www.facebook.com/events/406049916087677/?ref=ts

This course is specialized for malysians.No egyptians are allowed to it and all lectures will be in English.The same course has been held at Cairo University and it was agreat success

-Eman alashkar-4th year student of Kasr el einy medical school,Cairo University

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